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Local Benefits

Sustainability is central to the way we do business. For us, it means sharing the economic, social and environmental value generated by our activities with the local communities that are home to our developments. 


The aim is that local communities gain a tangible benefit from our presence and we support the local development of the places where we operate in a variety of ways. 


Our innovative schemes have had a significant positive impact on local communities, and we will continue to implement them in all the areas we operate in.

We want Kirby Cross and Kirby-le-Soken to share our success.

As such, the proposal will deliver local benefits for the communities of Kirby-le-Soken and Kirby Cross, including: 


  • c. £360,000 community funds, or equivalent, over the project’s operational life – to support local projects; discounted EV charging, improved cycle paths, etc.


  • c. £3,000,000 business rates over the project’s operational life – paid to Tendring District Council.


  • “Plug” a local gap in EV charging facilities – providing a new, modern charging station for local EV owners, now and in the future.


  • Provide new, permanent, sustainable, local job opportunities – at the café/shop and managing the project.


  • Boost local, clean, renewable energy generation – producing clean electricity equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of about typical 6,500 homes.


  • Reduce greenhouse gases – helping meet Tendring and national targets.


  • Reduce local air pollution - by supporting the uptake of EVs in the area, the project would help reduce local air pollution “the biggest environmental threat to health in the UK” according to Public Health England.


  • Environmental Enhancement – hedge and tree planting, managed grazing, carefully located bat roost boxes, bird boxes and dormouse boxes.

The project provides opportunities for local businesses:

We will provide opportunities for local business and suppliers to work with us.


In due course, we will facilitate and hold ‘Contractors Open Days’, where local businesses will have the opportunity to learn more about the goods and services required to build this eco-hub.  It will enable local businesses to register their interest with us directly, so we can make contact with them when opportunities to tender arise.


When constructing new projects we choose short supply chains wherever our technical requirements, quality and safety can be met by local businesses.


This brings several benefits:

  • for the local community because it contributes to the local economy and the growth of professional skills.

  • for us, as it helps keep our supply costs down.

  • for the environment as we can reduce our impact.

  • for the local economy as we share our profits with the areas in which we operate.

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